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Check out our low cost car hire Trieste Airport deals today! Croatia, Slovenia Austria and Italy can all be discovered from this picturesque base. Compare Trieste car rental quotes and save.

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Trieste is a brilliant summer destination but recent years have seen an influx of ski enthusiasts descend on the area. With the rising cost of flight and train tickets, more people than ever are considering a Trieste rental car for their skiing trip.

Not only does it allow you to see more on your trip, you will also be more relaxed when you get there and have more time to move around at will.

A big and welcome surprise about renting a car for a skiing trip is that it is not much more expensive than during any other season.

There are some additional costs, but what you will gain in convenience, security and mobility makes them more than worth it.


Car Hire Optional Extras in Trieste

If you need a hire a car at Trieste Airport, make sure it is safe and everything is in order. Don’t rely on the agency to do all that needs to be done, you have to tell them where you will be driving so that they may suggest the appropriate winterisation add-ons.

Snow Tyres and Chains

They do come as an extra cost but are necessary. You need to make sure you have snow tyres and snow chains. Have them show you how to use the snow chains before you leave. Also, request that they change the wipers to storm wipers so you will be able to see clearly on the roads no matter what the weather.

Car on Rural Road in Winter

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One of the great things about leasing a car is you get a chance to drive the vehicle of your dreams. However save that indulgence for the summer months and go for an estate car instead.

Sometimes when on a ski holiday, some of the smaller budget car rentals can be a better choice than a sports car or luxury vehicle.

Trieste Mobile

7 seater car hire Trieste Airport and 9 seater deals not only have excellent mobility, but you can also keep all of your equipment with you.

This means not messing with frozen ski racks, dealing with the added cost of acquiring ski equipment or worrying about your gear being stolen when you stop in over night for a rest.


Low Cost Trieste Airport Car Rental

The driver needs to make sure that they have all their papers in order before agreeing to drive for the trip.

If you don’t have an International Driver’s License then you need to get one.

You also need to be over 21. It is a good idea to designate someone to read maps while you are driving. GPS may be great, but not in the Alps.

Chances are you will be out of network more than in. Having a backup driver is also a good idea, they should make sure that all of their papers are in order as well.

Back to the map issue, make sure that you have your route planned out in advance and mark it off as you go. This way you will always know where you are.