Trips Outside the City in your Trieste Car Hire

Trieste is located in northern Italy and is bordered by Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea. It is becoming a very popular stop for travelers who are looking for a touch of the old world with all modern amenities.

There are many things to do in Trieste but if you are staying for a few days it can be well worth your while to take your Trieste Airport rental car and explore some of the surrounding areas.

There are mountains to hike, small fishing villages to explore, and much more.

Car Hire Trieste to Croatia

Search forĀ  cheap car hire Trieste to Croatia quote today. There are so many great road trip options when Trieste is your base.

Here are the top 4 recommended day trips to take while on holiday in Trieste.


The peninsula region of Istria covers three countries. It is home to some of the finest wine-making areas in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Your best bet is to pack a lunch and just go explore the rolling hills of the area. There are many small villages and towns that make for a great spontaneous adventure.

If you go down towards the sea, you can watch the fishing boats come in, or indulge yourself with some windsurfing along the coastline.



Pula is a more laid back place than most. It is thoroughly modern, but tempered by its long history of being one of the best areas of shipbuilding and wine-making in the country.

The best way to see Pula is to drive there and spend a night, that way you can go out to the wine-making country and hike in the countryside. It is rated very highly for its friendliness to tourists.


Rovinj is known for being one of the easiest cities in Croatia to access by road. It is a simple matter of taking a main road right from Trieste, across the border and to the outer edge of the peninsula.

There you will find Rovinj in all its glory. It combines one of the largest natural preserves with a city that is designed to cater to the traveler.

There are shops, restaurants, galleries and festivals too. The port is an active fishing port which offers a great experience for the family to enjoy.

Volosko Harbor

Volosko is located in Croatia in the city of Opatija. Volosko Harbor is considered to have some of the finest wind surfing opportunities in the region. It also has some of the best restaurants and small shops. It makes for a wonderful day trip in your Trieste car hire.


Don’t forget this one very important detail:

Before you make your plans for any day trips in your hire car, make sure you check with the agency that the vehicle is cleared to cross the border.

Some rental cars are only registered for in-country use. You should also ask what paperwork you may need to carry to cross back and forth too.

You should also consider a trip to Ljubljana in Slovenia as well as some fantastic Italian cities such as Venice which are all easily reachable by road.