Quick guide to Trieste City

When you visit Trieste, you need to make sure that three different areas are on your must see list – the port, the old town, and the surrounding villages.

Trieste City is one of the oldest cities in Italy and its port has been the focus of much of the cultural and historical change in the country.

It is still used today, but has lost none of its charm. To dine overlooking the harbor lights while gazing down at Medieval era buildings is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

A walk through the Old Town, or a hike to explore the villages as they climb up from the port will show you much of the natural beauty in the area. It will also show you some of the oldest archeological sites too.

What to see in Trieste

Within Trieste City you will want to make sure that you see the Miramare Castle. It’s hard to believe it is so old given how it looks straight out of a Disney film.

The various cathedrals and chapels but especially the San Giusto Cathedral are a must see and then you can move on to explore the Orto Lapidario.

The Orto Lapidario isn’t something you find mentioned often, but it is one of the hidden jewels of the city. It’s located near the Museum of Art and Culture (another must see) and features an amazing array of garden lapidary. A walk through the garden is like stepping out of time.


Where to eat in Trieste

Da Pepe and Caffè Tommaseo should be on everyone’s list for a meal plus they are ideal dining spots for those on a budget.

If you can afford to be more indulgent you may want to explore the menu at Al Baggato, which has a house speciality of salted cod.

You should also make sure that you sample the food at the port in all its forms.

What not to miss

The Grande Canal in the Old Town is an area that you must see. Not only are there plenty of historical and cultural sites located here but this is also where you can find some lively city life.


There are several open air markets that occur during the week as well as special festivals.

Food is easily had from one of the vendors or at a cafe, and there are also several restaurants you can visit as well.

The Grande Canal makes Venice look like it is an imitator. The area here has been carefully restored and remains in use for more than tourism.

Car Hire Trieste City Collection Points

Keep in mind that you can also arrange cheap car hire in Trieste for pickup within the city. The best deals tend to be available at the airport but you will also find decent value in the city.