Rules of the Road in Italy

Italy is notorious for having some of the fastest and most aggressive driver’s on the road. The driving culture is very different than it is in the UK.

The rules are taken very seriously because they allow for a safer, higher speed of travel. If you remember to drive as carefiully as possible, you won’t have a problem on the roads.

Which side of the road?

Like America, you drive on the right side of the road. Do not travel in the passing lane (a common habit in other countries). Those lanes are meant for passing only and that is strictly enforced.

Passing on the left

One thing you may encounter on the roads around and in Trieste is that a car will come up behind you and flash their lights. This usually occurs on a two lane or one lane road.

This is the accepted signal for you to slow down, pull towards the curb and let that car pass. Remember, Italians are notoriously aggressive drivers – but they are safe. The driver may not force the issue, but they will certainly follow you to have it out when you stop.


Watch your speed:

Speed limits are now strictly enforced in Italy. The speed limits may not always be posted, but they are a known standard.

The speed limits are:

* 130 kph on highways
* 110 kph on non-major roads outside of urban areas
* 90 kph on local roads
* 50 kph in urban areas

An urban area is any town, village or city.

Obey road signs and respond to tickets

Trieste, as with the rest of Italy, values its safety. In recent years they have become far more serious about ticketing and fining people for parking and moving violations.

They have gotten more aggressive when pursuing tickets with tourists, so don’t think you can leave the ticket unpaid when you go home.

Follow the rules, remember the speed limits and drive with caution to keep yourself safe.

If you do use our car hire Trieste comparison service, please keep all of the above in mind.